Human Sunrise

We don't know who or where you are. Are you happy or sad? Do you get on with life or just go round in circles? Either way, this project is for you. Our motto is: "Be the Director of Your Life!"


The aim of this project is to create an international community within a healthy ecological setting by sharing experiences of ways in which the quality of life for those living in a hectic urban environment can be improved.

We will produce educational material on how you can achieve a spiritual balance between the “hurly-burly” of city existence and the enjoyment of life’s pleasures.


The Human Sunrise centre will provide various active life-style events to relax both body and mind. Here, you will be able to discover new talents, practise Cigun/Yoga, go canoeing or ski; be taught the benefits of healthy eating; offered Russian language courses, play various games, and try power kiting.
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Each stage requires a certain amount of money to move forward.

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Donated amount: 550 EUR